HOME Single Cover Art

It was a great pleasure to team up with Hip Hop artist Ace Clark for the 1st time to develop art for his latest single ‘Home’. The message he had was clear and concise as he wanted to show how he was struggling with the unfortunate events unfolding across the country and how it effected his mental state.
He told me that he was motivated by historical protests as well as the current protests taking place in his hometown of NYC. I decided to incorporate what he is going through images that he found to be motivating and inspiring. As a team we decided that a fade of the images across his face would work best in displaying the message that he wanted everyone to see.
The title ‘Home’ was chosen for the song because he was witnessing how protests and injustice were ripping through his hometown of NYC. I decided to go with Home across the face because it represents the fact that at some point in our lives, we all live inside our own head. 
As far as the type, I went with a strong block font, Impact, to show the strength behind the word home and used it as an outline so it would not take away from the imagery itself.