NBA Live 2021 Cover Art

This year there will be a special limited edition cover available for NBA Live 2021 that we are looking to create. The cover art will feature Kobe Bryant to honor and pay tribute to his legacy as a professional athlete. We are looking for creative ways to design the cover and disc art and would like to receive 2-3 different design directions to choose from.
The feel for the design has to be legendary or classic while incorporating the Lakers colors or the use of gold. The color red is NOT to be used as it is dominating the gaming industry as of right now.


As the Designer for this project I approached it by fully researching different styles of NBA game covers and posters that match what the client wanted the feel of the design to be. I created a mood board of different styles and techniques that I may apply to the designs that I was creating. Hand drawn sketches were created to get the layouts of the variations that I wanted to design. 
I wanted to create something that was both dynamic and vintage looking, while telling a story of how legendary Kobe Bryant was throughout his career. I decided to make the color of his jersey and shoes pop to express the Laker team more as I kept the skin in black and white to give the overall design a more vintage look. Once the overall design of Kobe was complete, I decided to show different photos of Kobe in his iconic poses in the Gold bar in the background to cement more of the dynamic and vintage feel. 

Images that inspired the design process. The process was mainly vintage and dynamic.

Initial Sketch Concepts to get varying ideas.


Doing all of this was fun for me because growing up Kobe Bryant was one of my favorite players to watch so being able to research imagery of him and his accomplishments meant a lot to me. While this assignment was given to me in a class environment, it brought so much nostalgia and happy memories throughout the whole process. NBA Live 21 Mamba Special Edition out now!