Nike NFL Social Media Campaign 


Nike is launching a Social Media campaign featuring top athletes from the NFL. They would like to see three different post types: An all text post, a featured player post, and a head-to-head graphic. The client is open to using any professional NFL team as an example as long as the posts feel unified and it shows how this can be expanded to other teams for future use.


As the lead designer for this project I decided to take the approach of researching how Nike designs their ad campaigns. It was tough to get a feel for their style because each of their campaigns are unique and different. I created a mood board of the different styles that they have done looking to combine a modern but dynamic look and feel. 

Mood Board with inspiration.


I wanted to incorporate some hand-drawn elements or illustrations. The social media post designs should have a good amount of depth and texture to them and be flexible so that the designs can be repurposed for different teams.
I wanted to make sure that the designs were dynamic enough because when highlighting athletes it is best to show off their strengths and to show them in motion. I decided to go with a paper cut out and tape design because I feel it mixes a modern style while focusing on the movements of the athletes themselves. On the Von Miller Ad I wanted to show him in movement while highlighting the kind of player that he is with the words “Pass Rusher” and “Linebacker”. The X’s and O’s in the background give it more of a playbook feel to match the sport of football.

For the all text ad I wanted to make sure all the designs had consistency through them. The colors remained the same as well as the background but the overall design is different. The hashtag “#Bronconation” is a very popular hash tag that is used by the Denver Broncos and their fans religiously so it was an easy choice to use it.

For the Head to Head design I wanted to make sure the consistency continued and wanted to show off the athletes in a dynamic pose. I focused on the star wide receivers for this one to make sure I had one ad based on offense and defense. Also because I personally like the match up between Houston and Denver.


Being tasked with this project was an amazing experience. From the research to final execution, I enjoyed it all. I am also a HUGE Denver Broncos fan so being able to work on the team that I am passionate about is amazing in itself. While this project was given as an assignment in a class environment, it still meant a lot to be able to showcase my skills on two things that I am passionate about. Football and the Denver Broncos.