Ruben aka SoIlla

To those that may not know me allow me to introduce myself my name is Rube!! (Hov voice) but I also go by the name SoIlla. A graphic designer and illustrator from Brooklyn NY. 
I like to consider myself a creative viking (hence the beard) that loves to spread positivity and inspiration throughout my artwork and designs. I started doing this because I just love to draw. When I was younger all I did was draw everything that I could imagine (I even traced alot too) so when I found out I can do this as a career I said HELL YEA HOLD MY BEER AND LETS GO! 
College is where my skills started to shine and I used all the tools at my disposal there to hone my craft and get the best I can out of myself. Looking back at it now I wish I would’ve spent more time in the computer labs working on my style but I’m good with where I’m at now. 
I call myself soilla because I was blessed with a last name that allows me to use it honestly lol. Also take on the fact that I want to be So-ill at what I do. You will see me use the terms Dedication, Determination and Discipline alot because those are the three words I live by. If you can be dedicated, disciplined and determined to get shit done then you will make it in this world.
Like I said before I’m a creative viking and Vikings are messy so my stuff may be all over the place but this is how I roll.  It’s a pleasure to meet you and I hope I inspire you to create something special.. #soilla