SoIlla is a passion project of mine that started when I created my SoIlla comic series a few years back. It represents the dedication, determination and discipline that I had in creating the series. All the long nights and tight deadlines proved to be a challenge but I was able to over come and get it done. In doing that, I was amazed at the reactions I was getting from everyone reading them and it was inspirational. It was then that I had the idea to create a brand based off inspiration and hard work and so ‘SoIlla’ was born. 
The logo was created from one of the panels of an episode that I had made. The inspiration behind the logo is a mix of the brand ‘Supreme’ making use of the iconic slanted bar as well as the use of the font family Futura. I decided to go with Futura LT Heavy Oblique to represent the font and used white type with black bar around it to show contrast and easy readability

Some Illustrated designs that were made through SoIlla.


The challenge here was to create apparel based off of my logo. The point was to make clothing that represents myself and the dedication to my craft as well as something that looks trendy and fashionable. The point of the designs are to inspire anyone who may look at them to keep heading towards their goals. I decided to keep it simple and use the words that I live by which are Dedication, Determination and Discipline because in order to succeed in what you are doing, these 3 words are the keys to it.


Creating this logo and apparel company was truly an amazing experience and an eye opening one as well. It pushed me to my limits and forced me to open my eyes to a different world of possibility with clothing. The apparel has since been released and more is being produced. Stay tuned!